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One-Stop Professional Services

Free Consultation


Elsindo Consulting provides free consultations regarding study abroad in the countries it represents. Our staff is friendly and experienced to guide students through the step-by-step process of obtaining an education abroad at various levels. Consultation is one of the most important steps and students are encouraged to take advantage of this service. The consultation process is carried out comfortably so that both students and parents can convey various matters regarding study planning calmly. Find out more about us and come discuss with one of our consultants!

University/School Application Assistance

Elsindo Consulting handles the entire application process which is sometimes not as simple as filling out a form, but also other things. Students will be guided throughout the entire process, e.g. providing required documents, fulfilling application requirements, following up with the admissions office of the chosen institution, etc. Students will also be guided if there are applications that have not been understood or coordinated with the campus directly. Elsindo Consulting will assist all students' questions and confusion in moving on to the next level of study. Call and ask us about the application process in the country of your choice!

Visa Assistance

The next important step after the application process is applying for a visa to the destination country. Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding visa applications. Elsindo Consulting provides step-by-step instructions and assistance with the process backed by over 14 years of experience. With visa assistance from us, it will be easier for students to get a visa according to the country they are going to. Please contact us and get information on visa applications for specific countries related to your studies!

Accommodation Arrangements


Elsindo Consulting has established good relations with a number of leading educational institutions in eight different countries. We offer a wide range of information and services relating to student accommodation. Yes, Elsindo Consulting helps students to find dormitories, apartments, houses according to their general preferences. Students and parents don't need to worry about where to live to study abroad because we will try our best to make it comfortable. A comfortable and safe place to live will be obtained by students through accommodation assistance from us. If you want to know more about which accommodation will suit your preferences in the country of your choice, don't hesitate to contact us!

Educational Tour


Elsindo Consulting brings prospective students abroad to experience the next journey. This is quite a worthwhile journey that will help students make important decisions in their lives. This trip includes visits to college campuses or university campuses, city tours as well as sightseeing activities. Through this experience, students will get an overview of campus life, and daily life in the country so that students can determine the best next steps regarding studies or simply enjoy the best travel treats while making the desired study choices. So that students will get a positive picture and review of life in the country they are going to. Contact us to find out about our next tour!

Departure and Travel Arrangements

Elsindo Consulting helps students to prepare for their departure and handle travel arrangements by providing pre-departure orientation and other necessary guidance. Upon special request, Elsindo Consulting will also provide escort for students and parents who will go to their destination country for academic studies. Students don't need to be afraid of losing their way or being confused about where to go if they are abroad even for the first time because we will arrange the travel process and provide pick-up if needed. Find out how Elsindo Consulting's services can simplify your trip and make your educational journey much more enjoyable!

Market Advisory And Consulting


Elsindo Consulting offers advice and consultancy for overseas educational institutions seeking to establish themselves in Indonesia which has a very large student population: with 50 million students and 250,000 teachers, it is the third largest education system in the Asian region and fourth largest in the world. Recruitment of international students is one of our strengths in this service area. Elsindo Consulting has succeeded in assisting leading educational institutions from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada and other countries to increase their profile in the Indonesian market, recruit students, build their brand and many other achievements. By having a good and trusted relationship with Elsindo Consulting, students don't need to hesitate to go to foreign educational institutions later. Tell us how we can work with your institution and let's grow together!

International Education / Training / Workshops

Elsindo Consulting has had the opportunity to work with postgraduate students related to several scholarship programs such as LPDP (Indonesian Ministry of Finance Scholarship Program), SPIRIT, BUDI, Chevening, and The Newton Fund Indonesia. A full range of services has been provided for Indonesian scholars including consultation, application process, school placement (according to scholarship requirements), as well as international test preparation programs such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and others. This service can also be extended to short-term programs such as short courses, workshops and overseas training. Students don't need to worry about the process of preparing their abilities before studying abroad or worrying about living expenses while in a foreign country because we will help direct the best facilities to make it easier and find a solution for this. Feel free to contact us and we can provide you with more detailed information!

Career Development Services

Elsindo Consulting provides assistance for Indonesian scholars who have completed their studies by providing them with career information and connections with industries that match their expertise. This career service is useful for facilitating Indonesian human resources to be able to work with their background knowledge after studying abroad. The hope is that the various pieces of knowledge that have been achieved can be properly implemented in the right place. With this service, students don't need to be confused about where to go next. Find out more about this career development service and contact one of Elsindo Consulting's consultants!

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