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Note from the Expert

Evi Sitorus
Founder & Managing Director

Many people say the world today is becoming more internationally connected and continues to grow. Superior skills and abilities become invaluable as a foundation for future professionals, such as productivity, curiosity, and combativeness. Overseas education plays an important role in being the answer to this challenge. We are Elsindo Consulting, and helping Indonesian students prepare for their future and seize their global opportunities is our passion. Our solid reputation, as well as over 14 years of experience in overseas education consulting, have contributed to countless student success stories in pursuing education in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries. We believe that every student has something unique and special about them. Recognizing their talents and personalities is key to guiding students in the right direction when choosing the right program, institution, and other preferences such as location and cost.

Our consulting portfolio includes students with private funding as well as scholarship programs such as LPDP, SPIRIT, BUDI, Chevening, and The Newton Fund Indonesia. Indonesian students consider Elsindo Consulting to be their trusted partner. On the other hand, Elsindo Consulting has built strong relationships over the years with many leading and reputable educational institutions around the world, such as those located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. These institutions have worked closely with Elsindo Consulting to raise their profile, establish their institution in the market, and recruit Indonesian students. Elsindo Consulting is a trusted partner in international education. With the presence of Elsindo Consulting, it is proven that it has helped many students achieve the goals and future they need. Want to take the next successful step like them? Are you ready to be our partner too? Contact us; we're happy to help.

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