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Free Consultation


Elsindo Consulting provides free consultations regarding study abroad in the countries it represents. Our staff is friendly and experienced to guide students through the step-by-step process of obtaining an education abroad at various levels. Consultation is one of the most important steps and students are encouraged to take advantage of this service. The consultation process is carried out comfortably so that both students and parents can convey various matters regarding study planning calmly. Find out more about us and come discuss with one of our consultants!

University/School Application Assistance

Elsindo Consulting handles the entire application process which is sometimes not as simple as filling out a form, but also other things. Students will be guided throughout the entire process, e.g. providing required documents, fulfilling application requirements, following up with the admissions office of the chosen institution, etc. Students will also be guided if there are applications that have not been understood or coordinated with the campus directly. Elsindo Consulting will assist all students' questions and confusion in moving on to the next level of study. Call and ask us about the application process in the country of your choice!

Visa Assistance

The next important step after the application process is applying for a visa to the destination country. Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding visa applications. Elsindo Consulting provides step-by-step instructions and assistance with the process backed by over 14 years of experience. With visa assistance from us, it will be easier for students to get a visa according to the country they are going to. Please contact us and get information on visa applications for specific countries related to your studies!


Free Consultation

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